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Regenerative Battery Pack Test System for high power battery pack testsChroma 17030

Code: Chroma_17030


Automated regenerative test system specifically designed for high power battery pack tests which include a driving cycle simulation function. Since automotive battery packs are used at quick and irregular intervals, the 17030 incudes the capability to create seamless transitions between maximum charge and maximum discharge (or maximum discharge and maximum charge) with a rapid 50 ms conversion.
This feature allows for charge/discharge mode simulations of real world driving scenarios. The system simulates the real conditions on the battery pack in its working condition.

Technical data

Supports high power battery certification: IEC, SAE, GB⋯etc.
10ms Data acquisition
Charge / discharge mode
- Constant Current
- Constant Voltage
- Constant Power
Customized rating power
- Voltage range:10~1200V
- Current range:0~1000A
- Power range:90~350kW


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